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June 2019

Go wax!

From African tribes to Native Americans: art, fashion and design inspired by primitive cultures.

The trendiest word of the summer fashion 2019? Wax! It indicates a particular industrial printing technique for fabrics and involves the use of wax. A typical technique of the West Africa coastal countries, it has now become the latest trend in world fashion, exporting Afro-European flavours everywhere.

The origins of the Wax style

The origin of this technique is already a small story of ante globalisation ahead of its time. The Dutch merchants produced it and spread it in Africa, although initially intended for Indonesia, where it was already known by the name batik, still in use today and that has clear Indian and Sri Lankan influences.
But this was adapted to African traditions and resulted in a new version, even more colourful and imaginative.
The pioneers of this market were the Togolese Nana Benz, African traders of Wax fabrics between the Seventies and Nineties.

The Wax that conquers the world

Today, Wax style is one of the most widespread trends in international fashion, so much so that the Dior fashion house presented the Cruise Collection 2020 in Marrakesh at the beginning of May 2019. A folk-inspired collection featuring the structural presence of the Wax, intended as a style recalling African atmospheres and the homonymous printing technique.

New trends, new markets

Therefore, jargons, paradigms and points of reference are changing and new trends and new words are regulars on the market. For this reason, being up to date and ready to explore new markets is vital for the fashion industry that has always exported Italian style outside its borders.

traduzioni industria della moda

Studio 23 is a network of specialised translators and a reliable and prepared partner that can support you in approaching foreign markets of clothing and accessories. Always fascinated by the world of fashion and luxury, which is why Studio 23 is constantly devoted to the study and translation of the specific jargons of the fashion industry.

There are as many languages ​​as there are styles and trends, with unique meanings and nuances according to the countries they come from.

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But what are the main fashion trends of 2019?

2019 fashion trends

Not only Africa, even the Native American culture, aboriginal tribals and other patterns from distant worlds have invaded the catwalks and contaminated the style of accessories.

This is how Kiabi resumes typical batik patterns for shirts, while Bijou Brigitte draws inspiration from sub-Saharan atmospheres for its painted wood necklace, the artist Jeffrey Gibson definitely focuses on the Cherokee culture with his “American History” work, Tory Burch for the Gigi watch chooses an exotic toucan as the dominant motif of the dial, inspired by the journeys undertaken with the family and Etro opts for tribal patterns with its leather shoulder strap.

The trendy words for summer 2019

Wax, that is the print of fabrics recalling the batik technique, differs from this because it is produced on an industrial level.

Batik indicates the artisanal printing and dyeing technique of fabrics that involves covering some parts of clothing or fabrics with wax, vases or other waterproofing substances like clay, starch and vegetable pastes to obtain variegated geometries.

Kaftan, a feminine dress worn by women in Senegal, Mali and Ghana. Having become an international leader, it is widespread in the United States and Europe. In France it is known as boubou.

traduzioni per l'industria della moda

Écru often refers to fabrics like silk or linen and more generally to all those untreated and delicate yarns that have a texture that resembles that of a gauze. The same for the colours that are not the result of a dye but that are natural, typical of semi-finished fibres.

Shantung, a raw and wild silk fabric, also known as tussah depending on its origin, with a unique colour characterised by a rough and irregular texture.

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