August 2019


The success of bucket bags in the summer of 2019 and their return for the fall/winter season. Bold colours, retro styles and recreating the logos of the great fashion houses stand out.

When first created in the early 1900s, the bucket bag was quite small and carried on the arm. At that time it was already a symbol of modernity and independence because compared to the more common clutches, it could be conveniently used by the first women who travelled.

Italian origins

It was Elsa Schiapparelli, the great Italian designer and seamstress of the early 20th century, who popularised it as “the ideal combination between utility and casual chic” when she designed and produced the first cylindrical bucket bag in 1935, thus announcing the birth of the “casual chic” style that is still fresh today.

Its success was then multiplied with the bucket bag designed by Gucci for the 1937 season and later by Hermès, whose bag was familiar to the general public as a summer accessory.


Louis Vuitton and the Noè

The bucket bag’s ancestors also include the model designed by Louis Vuitton in 1932. This is the legendary Noè bag, elegant and sophisticated in leather with the signature leather strap closure. The curious name comes from the wine-loving biblical character since it was created at the request of a Champagne producer who commissioned a bag that could hold five bottles of his prestigious product.

The arrival of the Monogram

The idea and style were very enthusiastically received in the 1930s, so much so that Maison Louis Vuitton focused on this model for many seasons. It was reintroduced it in 1968 with the addition of the original Monogram fabric. From that moment on, the new Louis Vuitton Bucket became an undisputed icon of women’s fashion.

Today’s trend

Today the bucket bag remains among the most popular bags for versatility, elegance, personal style. This summer of 2019 it has also returned as a top-seller.

The reason is simple: it can be made in a multitude of variations, it goes with any look and different styles, from the most casual to elegant. Its main feature, however, remains that its femininity does not suffer from its practicality.

That’s why, after this summer’s success, many brands have decided to offer it for Fall/Winter 2019 in new collections and new variations.

Choose leather, a secure investment

It begins with the most classic leather bucket bags. If you want a model which will last, is versatile and lends a chic touch, a model in leather is the way to go. From the more neutral colours of the end of summer to the more intense colours of the cooler seasons, a leather bag can be used day or evening without ever giving up on style.

Self-reference and retro-style

Fall also sees the arrival of a new trend that won’t leave even the much-loved bucket bag out. Shapes from the past, with strong textures and colours, but also gigantic logos and extreme luxury, as in the case of Fendi that bring the collective fever for relogging to retro-style leather bags. Other fashion houses have also rethought their logo, trying to recover the mood of the past with total impact logos.

Chameleon shoulder bag

Shoulder bags will be super-popular. Comfortable and adjustable, usable in different ways depending on the length and personality of the wearer. A good alternative to shoppers or handbags. Since they can be customized, they can be the ideal solution for those who spend all day away from home.

Impactful Texture

Fall will be all about bright textures, crocodiles, pythons, embroidered, suedes, furry, in cruelty free style, fully eco-friendly. Strong identities, smooth or worked surfaces serve to create an elegant yet contemporary look. Alongside the nostalgic and vintage style, there will also be suede bucket bags, with fringes, or even fur in bright colours for those personalities who don’t want to go unnoticed.

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