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August 2019

Natural living

Interior design in 2019 focused on natural elements, bold colours and attention to daylight to add vitality and personality to environments.

Internationality, a concept used with numerous trends in fashion, cuisine and lifestyle, has long permeated interior design, giving the already rich personality of Italian style a new freshness and contamination by the concepts that have characterized 2019 up to now.

The interiors of our homes, workplaces, the furnishings of public places and those of catering and hospitality are changing with the choice of materials, colours and styles influenced by concepts like balance, green and nature, and also vitality, sustainability and the attention to light.

Natural space, even better if environmentally friendly

Safeguarding the planet and the new awareness of natural resources are both themes that reflect a common, global interest that brings us all together towards a single objective.

Designers have been developing this for some time and have translated the message into a habitable mixture of enclosed and open air green spaces, where the garden becomes an integral part of the living areas and vice versa.

Natural and eco-friendly

The desire to replicate the beauty and resources of the planet within the home translates into recovery of natural materials and the optimization of waste, therefore the reuse of materials that can be given a second life.

For natural materials we mean wood and hand-crafted stone, but also glass and metal, giving form to a clean, essential style such as Nordic or more metropolitan aimed at reclaiming and conserving spaces, as with industrial furnishings.

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Where there is glass there is light

Rooms can’t be more luminous than this. The study of daylight orientation and its enhancement allows the creation of larger windows, sliding doors and window walls, in a minimal or serigraphed style, completely transparent or opaque to increase the feeling of spaciousness of the mostly open space areas.

Old stone and the uniqueness or wood

Hand-crafted wood lends a unique and rare touch. The imperfections of this natural material that is never the same enhances furnishings, entrance doors, but also table decoration, seating and decorative accessories.

Stone brings back a primordial flavor to interior design and embellishes walls, floors and lavatories in living rooms as well as in relaxation and bathroom areas.

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Vitality created with bold colours

Half-measures are short-lived, because the muted colours no longer reflect the bold style and message that design brings to homes today. Instead, the most daring colours are enjoying a new moment of glory.

And boldness is not limited to just green, but also emerald green, rust, deep blue, purple, but also yellow, especially mustard yellow. The purpose of these colours is to ensure personality.

Dare but with balance

The last touch, for daring interiors, is the addition gold and brass as long as it respects the balance of the whole, where simplicity does not prevail over luxury and vice versa. The goal is to create a delicate mix of naturalness and extravagance.

From Biophilia to the 1980s

Some terms that define the change we are witnessing have also been created. Because a style exists only when a term defines it. And this change also needs to be defined.

What about the term Floral? It is an increasingly recurring choice, suitable for those who love details and, of course, flowers.

The choice consists of floral decorations that make an environment unique, giving it vitality, vivacity and continuous renewal.

Floral choices, however, are not only for those who love gardening and the vegetable world, but also appear in fabrics and wallpaper, since not everyone has time to take care of flowers but everyone should be able to enjoy their effect.

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Wood is also essential, ancient and unique material. At the moment Light Wood is preferred. Light-coloured, therefore cozy and clean. It can be embellished with white or black details, giving space once again to the strong, but balanced, contrasts.

Another recurring term among the designers is Memphis style. Strong colours and geometric lines in full Mondrian style creating a strong mix of great effect. Yellow, red, and blue objects with square or cylindrical shapes are featured. The goal is to attract attention, but also to take a trip into the past and find yourself in the 80s.

It is up to every designer to interpret the style of the moment. Every artisan or industrial company that designs and manufactures design objects, furniture and furnishing accessories can interpret these concepts in an original way, provided that they are able to communicate with the other party.

We are speaking of style, materials, colours, architectural solutions, but also harmonic choices and personalities, all of which will have to be translated correctly, with the help of professionals who are able to accurately reflect features and styles.

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