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November 2018

Translating for ISPO Munich: sports fashion vocabulary

10+1 curiosities "hidden" in some English terms used for winter sportswear. How many do you already know?

One of the largest winter sporting goods exhibitions, ISPO Munich, is almost here. In less than a month, from 3 to 6 February 2019, more than 2,800 exhibitors will meet at Messe München, the Munich exposition centre in Bavaria, Germany. Timeless classics, but also new winter fashion offered by the most established brands in one place – one space for browsing through all the trends of the new year.

When you are immersed in a specific industry such as fashion in an international setting, it is good to be able to rely on trained translators who know the myriad of nuances of the language. A word commonly used in one setting has a specific and shared meaning, yet in another the meaning changes, for example, to refer to a fabric or a material with particular characteristics.

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We have selected 10 + 1 curiosities contained in as many English terms used for winter sportswear. Ready to hear about them?

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Winter sportswear: 10 + 1 English terms that (perhaps) you don’t know

As we just said, the context makes all the difference in the meaning words. Even fashion “plays” with words. Here’s how.

1. Shell

Shell commonly means “a hard rigid usually calcareous covering or support of an animal”, when the term is used for clothing it refers to the “outer shell” of a sports jacket. This is the surface layer that, just like an animal shell, encloses and protects the inner layers of the garment. Depending on the type of jacket, it can be made of various materials with one thing in common: durability.

2. Wicking

Think of a candle. That’s right, wick is that “loose twist of soft threads or braid used in a candle or lamp”. Just like a wick absorbs wax by capillary action, fabric can also have the ability to attract and transfer moisture from the inside to the outside. This characteristic is indicated by the term wicking; fabrics produced this way capture moisture and carry it away from the body, keeping the skin dry.

3. Breathability

You have certainly heard many times about clothing items that “breathe”. Yes, you heard right: breathability indicates the ability of the garment to breathe. Some textile fibres can in fact transpire, allowing humidity to escape that would otherwise build up inside the garment.

4. Weatherproof

Rain, wind or snow are no longer a threat. Yes, this word means great resistance to weather. This also applies to clothing. Weatherproof material keeps out water and low temperatures, even many degrees below freezing. In short, it can withstand bad weather while hiking on a mountain, but also in the city during the winter.

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5. Loft

Not only used to describe large open spaces in architecture, but also commonly used in clothing terminology. This word defines, all together: volume, softness and warmth. If it is associated with a jacket, for example, loft refers to a lightweight down (or synthetic) structure that traps air to create warmth and recovers its shape even after lengthy and repeated compression.

6. Fleece

It may sound a little strange talking about fleece, as in “fleece of a sheep”, when it comes to fashion. No one would wear raw wool without being properly processed. But in clothing this word refers generally to a soft material. It can be used to mean a warm and soft fabric like pile, but also other types of fabrics with very furry textures.

7. Backer

The dictionary defines this as “supporter”, but on closer look we can find another meaning: back as in “behind”. But in sportswear what does it represent? Is a kind of support lining, applied right behind the outer fabric of the jacket to give more support. It is made with a fine circular knitted nylon laminate, which gives it great breathability and softness.

8. Seamless

Meaning “continuously”. In clothing this means very simply, just as it implies “without seams”. A circular, continuous knit structure that guarantees extreme comfort next to the skin, thanks to the absence of seams.

9. Bib

If you have anything to do with children, you know this term. Yes, we are talking about the baby’s bib. But don’t worry, we are not referring to oversized bibs for adults! In fashion, the term is used to invoke the idea of something that covers the chest. By extension it identifies pants that have an integral chest covering… bib overalls.

10. Snap

Try saying this word aloud: snap! Repeat it a few times, or “snap” your fingers. You get the sensation of a, yes… snap. And of course, that’s just what it means. But in clothing, there is also something that reminds us of a snap: the press stud or snap fastener. You can find them especially used with ski suits as they are very practical for athletes.

11. Upper

Very commonly used in various contexts, you will already have come across this word. It literally means “superior”. This is true even in clothing where it defines a part that goes above or overlies other items. Specifically, in the field of footwear, the outer part of the shoe, the upper, makes up the upper-most part.

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International trade fairs like ISPO Munich are a great showcase for your brand. Meeting clients and suppliers who come from different parts of the world and establishing professional and commercial relationships are opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

To best conclude deals and expand your network of collaborations abroad, communication plays an essential role. The choice of translators who can accurately and promptly succeed in expressing your individuality and the essence of your brand – while maintaining the same impact as the original language – is the base on which to build your marketing goals.

Here at Studio 23 we are in the front line alongside many brands in international contexts. Knowledge of the fashion industry, products in the catalogue and of course the specific vocabulary – of which you now also know a few curiosities – have led us to be uniquely capable of meeting our clients’ needs.

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