July 2019

Translations ahead of the game

The translation of foreign language texts for press agencies and offices is an activity that requires professionalism and experience.

Essere sul pezzo is an Italian expression that can be translated as “being ahead of the game” or “being on top of things”. Used in journalism, it means the need to be in the right place at the right time and ready to seize the moment or, better yet, to play ahead and not have a news story get burned.

Communicating, however, also means associating these characteristics with meticulous and rigorous work that includes study, preparation, patience and commitment. This is the case with activities involving press relations, Italian or foreign, commonly referred to as press office activities of the series of practices that promote the visibility of Italian companies in the media.

What is the purpose of press office activities and what are their characteristics?

The objective of press office activity is to effectively communicate your client’s brand or product. There is a macro distinction between corporate press office activities and product press office activities.

A corporate press office is mainly concerned with promoting and protecting the reputation of the company, the institution, the consortium or the subject that intends to use this service. Communication activity defined as “product” will be, as the name shows, aimed at promoting the visibility of a given product or product line. These are two different approaches. And one does not exclude the other. It is also possible that a complex situation might require both options.

Studio 23 knows the language and dynamics of communications and marketing and has much experience gained in close contact with agencies. For years we have supported press offices with translating and editing for structured companies, both in Italy and abroad. For these reasons, Studio 23 is the ideal partner for agencies that need to communicate with foreign media.

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Are ytranslators with communications sector expertise

The fundamentals of communicating with foreign media.

A good basis for addressing foreign media is to use a correct translation of the tools prepared by press offices. Let’s see what’s necessary to get started.

Press kit. A press kit is a text that collects a lot of information about a company, an enterprise or brand that you intend to communicate. It usually contains historical notes, components and respective roles held in the company. Figures and data on turnover, sales, number of employees, production. Useful information, divulged in language suitable for journalists. It is a fundamental document for the work of the press office, and the base on which a communications strategy is built. A text written and updated periodically that remains an asset for the company that it is for. It contains images and photographs and, if necessary, also product information. Receiving material already translated into your own language simplifies the work for all involved.

Press release. A press release is a text that aims to attract the attention of journalists. It contains a news, a relevant fact, a novelty or a curiosity that concerns the subject, whatever that may be, which can be considered “newsworthy”. In jargon, “newsworthy” is considered a fact, or information, that after being evaluated can be considered news, therefore it has the characteristics of truth, exclusivity – or exceptionality – and public interest. Sometimes it can be useful for responding to an attack or rectifying inaccurate information. It is an official note that is disseminated and so it takes on significant value in all respects. Providing the press with a well-translated press kit can make really make a difference.

translations for press office sector expertise

Iconography/captions. If, as the saying goes, a photograph is worth a thousand words, it is equally true that translating the captions appropriately is fundamental. Iconography is one of the most important aspects of communication. Original images, shots consistent with the text, are indispensable for the objective of having the information published. A photograph, without a proper caption, is of little use. In addition to the names, it also becomes crucial to define of the roles of the persons portrayed, the purpose of the machinery photographed or the concise definition of the product. That’s where Studio 23 comes in, with targeted and competent translations.

Studio 23, after the first phase of source text analysis, defines style, terminology and translation conventions with the aim of building a dedicated company glossary. Giving each client a translator in charge of the entire project from start to finish ensures consistency in terminology and style for all texts. We strive to support you, the client, in every phase of the project, establishing a real collaboration to assist you in reaching the desired objective.

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Are you looking for translators with communications sector expertise? Write to us!